In Claudette's Scrapbook there are so many wonderful memories.  There are so many people that I want to remember with joy.Many of the "things" of life don't matter or are forgotten but the PEOPLE always remain and make life special... there are "things" that I want to forget...but on these pages are the people that are important to me! They are my family and friends. 

I share this with only a few special people who have made a difference in my life.

Lets start at the beginning!

First there was MOM and DAD....

then came "little Claudette" (after 16 years!) On May 3, 1947 Claudette popped into this world in Brooklyn, New York.  My mother was Kathleen and my father was Klaas Rietveld. My mothers parents were Anthony and Katherine and my Father's parents were Jan Rietveld and Clara.
My mother was born in Long Island , New York and her parents came from Poland (Warsaw) and my father was born in Delft, the Netherlands.  I was always called a Miracle and I was spoiled rotten. 

Since my memory of those early months is pretty vague I can't tell you  all of exactly what happened - and the records are not there either to provide good insight ... My mother and father tried for 16 years to have a child, they lost three boys before I was born, the first Willem was born with a heart problem, and died after a week. The twins, Alexander and Peter died after two weeks on this earth, one had hardly any liver and the other had an enlarged liver, they were identical twins. I was told always by my mother that I had three little angels watching over me, my three brothers were Baptized and I know that they are in heaven, and I know that they have been watching over me....:-) As you read on, you will see why special names are highlighted! 

Bald as a doorknob!  Had to wear hats till I was about 2 when the blonde fuzz turned into blonde hair! I can hear you saying Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Baby photos of Claudette click to see a larger version

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From my earliest days, I remember my wonderful Aunt Stella and her family.  I loved my cousins, Greta, Adrienne, Corrien, and Willem. The first photo up there is of baby Claudette on Adrienne's lap with Aunt Stella. We always went to their home in the summertime and it was always a loving experience for me.  Corrien was the one who told me that Santa didn't exist.. Little did she know!  :-)